Personalize Google Classroom in 5 easy steps!

Do you need ideas to simply personalize it a bit more to make it clearer for your students? I give you some easy steps to the best things I use inside of my Google Classroom which will no doubt help you when it comes to using Google Classroom for your students. Follow these simple steps to fully personalize Google Classroom!

Or maybe you simply want to make sure you are using Google Classroom to minimize the work you have to do on it yourself, minimizing the grading, and obtaining the most out of each lesson. Well, this guide to personalize Google Classroom is for you! Choose the ones you want to follow to make things easier for you!

Personalize the banner

Now, the easiest way by far to do this, is to create a Canva account. To do this, you just need to access their website, and they have plenty of templates that you can use, or you could make your own by modifying one of theirs.

To sign up and get some credits to exchange for some free items, you can use my link to access Canva. This will allow you to create countless of free designs, like posts for your instagram… or planner pages… whatever!

Use this to insert your bitmoji and you just got yourself some really cool themed banners, like this one for the holidays!

Personalize your Google Classroom in five easy steps. Number one, use cool banners for your classes! Super easy to create.

Use personalized font titles

You can personalize many things in Google classroom, and the titles are just one of them!

Make sure to grab your students attention to due tasks, or code the assignment titles to reflect your current units… Or just have some fun with it!!

To do this, I’m sure there are many services, but one that I know works is this webpage. You write the text and then receive several options for font, copying and pasting them to your Google Classroom will allow you to personalize your Google Classroom course to your liking!

Use emojis as symbols for your students

Again, the same thing, you can use emojis to signify different things for your students: you can do one symbol for homework, one for «do now» work, or a different symbol for every day of the week…

Doing this is super easy, you just need to download the emoji extension, and add the different emojis on the different parts of the Google Classroom that you need.

Just make sure that the students are on board with your code!

Use the stream correctly

I am doing in-person class. This means, mostly, that as a travelling teacher and not having my own classroom, I am usually all over the place.

To maximize my time, my students know that we have a bell ringer question on the stream in Google Classroom.

They know they have to answer it as soon as I get to class, so they check as soon as possible, to see what today’s question is and write the answer in their notebook.

Use the rubric feature

Now, this is just a general tip for anyone, not necessarily just for someone looking to personalize Google Classroom.

Use. The. Rubric.Feature.

Your best grading assist.

It takes a bit more the create the actual assignment, but the grading time is SO MUCH LESS. If you have certain requirements, just add them onto your rubric, and make sure that you are using it when correcting.

You can even use it when correcting physical hand-ins. Ask your students to upload a picture on to Google Classroom, or have your Google Classroom open when grading so you can grade MUCH quicker, because it will do all the calculations for it.

Genius, right?

These are my final tips for personalizing your Google Classroom, but if you have any, you can put it down below in the comments! And make sure you are on the email list to make sure you get all of the tips!

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