Are you struggling to make STEM engaging for your high school students and stay motivated?

I am here to help you! Being a STEM teacher doesn’t have to be as challenging as it would seem! Let me help you!

make stem proud

Hello! My name is Sarah, I am a science and technology teacher. I teach seriously awesome high school students the most seriously awesome subject I know: STEM.

In case you didn’t know, the acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

If you love any of the above, you are one of my people!

I made this website to help every first year teacher or experienced teacher rekindle the flame for STEM. By sharing the tips and tricks I have, I want to help as many teachers as possible.

Whether you are a primary school teacher, a middle school teacher or a high school teacher, you can always find new ways to incorporate STEM in the classroom. Or if you already teach subjects within this field, you will get ideas for lessons, ideas for activities, and maybe even read some funny anecdotes…

Who am I?

My name is Sarah, I am a biomedical engineer and a middle and high school science and technology teacher.

I love practically all sciences, and practically all middle and high school students (just kidding, I love teaching all of them… maybe).

Get to know me

  • When I was my student’s age, I wanted to be a film director, and thats why I try to get my students to integrate science into film and viceversa.
  • My favourite films are Singing in the rain and Die Hard.
  • My favourite color is blue.
  • I love creative endeavours: painting, sewing… I’ve tried most of it.

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