Do you teach any STEM subject and wish you could incorporate some critical thinking in the classroom? Well, I have made a science film one pager assignment for any science class where students use a guided assignment to create a deep analysis of the scientific content of a film!

Get the list of movies!

To get the list of movies to use for your science film one pager, join the mailing list, and download the list for your subject, or download all of them!

I have given you a list of possible films according to your subject. I have made this list as complete as possible, and although there may be some missing, please leave a comment to let me know!

These pages are designed to be given to students so they can choose their own movie to create their science film one pager. However, if you have a special one in mind because of your topic in class,  you could always give them a specific movie, watch it in class or have them watch it over the holidays if they want some extra credit!

Bear in mind, I have not checked the ages students need to be according to the different films. You should check that your students are mature enough to watch the film!

My recommendation is that you review the film in advance, and check that it is available on a streaming platform your students are able to access.

What is a one-pager?

A one pager is essentially a poster where they create a full page about a subject. For me, I find that my students, when given complete freedom, end up not being able to decide about anything so they need a bit more guidance when it comes to the actual assignment.

The assignment page gives all the instructions needed to complete the one pager.It is important to know that this assignment is as complete as possible. It can help your students exercise critical thinking when watching science films, discussing morals in film, science progress, famous scientists, climate change…

However, you can choose to make it either physical or digital. That depends on what you want to do! I have included some templates as well in case you want to give a template to your students, or just ideas of how they can lay out a page.

My product also includes a rubric as a suggestion for the grading of the science film one pager. However, as we teachers know, sometimes we need to adapt the assignment to our own needs. I would insert it directly into Google Classroom, as it calculates the grade automatically. But if you have another way of grading with rubrics, go ahead and let me know!

I want the complete assignment for my students science film one pager!

Science films in the classroom: one pager!

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Continue to make STEM proud!


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